About Lucia

I love to play – with animals, narratives, imagery, humor. I especially enjoy playing with reality by bending the rules and creating work that however implausible – at least for a moment –seems ALMOST possible. Work that not only delights viewers, but asks them to consider their own personal reality. 

Through my oil paintings, I morph everyday human experiences into an alternate universe where an animal is just as likely as a person to sit down to some light reading, brush their teeth before bed, or profess their undying love for another through some grand gesture. My body of work aims to simultaneously make light of, and marvel at, our uniquely human existence. 

A graphic designer by trade and an oil painter by design, I am continually experimenting with different styles of contemporary realism that balance my artistic sensibilities, technique, and unique sense of humor. As I evolve, what remains constant is my respect for the animals that inspire me, and my desire to bring a smile to the face of every viewer.

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